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Spanish Teacher & Management in Education 

Master's Degree Leadership, Innovation & Management in Schools.

Master's Degree Teaching Spanish as a Second Language.

Master's Degree International Business & Events Management.

PGCE Postgraduate Certificate in Education.

CELT Certificate English Teaching Language.

Certificate Leadership Practice in IB. 

Honours Degree of Spanish Studies (Language & Literature).

I believe that for being a wonderful teacher you have to be a great student, and that is why I have continuously kept on studying, because “once a teacher stops being a learner then all is lost”. Only with this beliefs you could establish a   department  or school wide vision of commitment to high standards and the success of all students, create a climate hospitable to education, engaging parents and the community, cultivate leadership in others, improve instruction and manage people, data an processes.

I understand that for promoting an intercultural, understanding and respect, a good leader has to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world. I believe that learning new languages connects people around the world and allows us to develop an open and tolerant mindset.


"Her excellent command over the subject and the ability to address the need of each student made her an outstanding professional in the field of teaching, her nonesty and realibility ensured that she was on good terms with other school members and, more important, liked by her students"

Marta Becerril, Teacher.


"Natalia showed initiative and put a lot of research in the preparation of her classes and always worked efficiently and with great enthusiasm" Des Fitzgerald ,Principal. 


"El éxito es la suma de pequeños esfuerzos,

realizados día tras día"


"L´education est l´arme

la plus puissante pour changer

le monde"

Nelson Mandela






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